NEPTUNE is a performance art salon focused on developing site-specific projects in Aarhus, Denmark. NEPTUNE is collaborative in nature striving to collaborate with artists, cultural agents, institutions, the underground scene and citizens.

This mobile performance art salon consists of exhibitions, labs, residencies, film screenings, debates, video, installation and live performance making, lectures, concerts, experiments, immersive experiences and participatory live actions.

The first project concerns MAPPING PROCESSES OF GENTRIFICATION which include visual mappings of processes of gentrification in Aarhus. This will be a collaborative project where artists are invited to come and create visual metaphors to examine and deconstruct living processes of gentrification.



NEPTUNE is curated by Guinean-Portuguese Queer performance artist and poet Sall Lam Toro.


Sall uses her body as tool for transformation of spaces. She/They is/are mainly working with conceptual live art, poetry, video performance and embodied practices such as butoh and improvisational dance. She is interested in deconstructing, re-signifying and examining the tensions between social and visceral body through concepts of decolonization, rhizome philosophy, and queer theory.